Certified Teacher Application

 The following is a list of materials that must be submitted before you may receive an interview.  You may submit these materials within the application and/or email them to bhunicke @ basinschools.net.

1. Certification (in- and/or out-of-state) or Certification Status.  You may send a photo copy.
                             ABCTE must provide a copy of their passport to teaching certificate

 2. Three (3) recent professional references 
                            Note: we highly recommend to use references who have observed you in the classroom.

3. Resume or  Curriculum Vitae (cover letter optional)

4. Transcripts for all colleges attended (unofficial accepted)

5. Letter: if not covered in a cover letter, describe how your skills, experience, and education will benefit the Basin School District.

 Salary Schedule

The Basin School District uses the state salary schedule to calculate base salaries.  Salary range $40,369 – $58,707 depending on education and experience.  Leadership stipends and coaching assignments may be available for additional pay.