Basin School District Supplemental Levy Facts

 Quick Q & A

Why is the Basin School District offering the community a supplemental levy?
Many of you may not know that the state has funding shortage of over $200 million.   The state allocates a given amount of funds based on average daily attendance for specific expenditures.  This means the Basin School District must spend money on specific items dictated by the state. 

What will the levy fund?
The levy will fund student programs and facilities that are not funded through specific state funding or funding that falls short such as: Preschool, District Security, Athletics/Clubs/Extracurricular, Activity Transportation, Safe Buildings, Alarm Monitoring and Bell, Community School Coordinator, Curriculum, Field Trips, STEM Program & Coding, and Contingency Fund.

How much is the Levy?
$425,000 for two years

How much will it cost the average homeowner?
After a $100,000 homeowner’s exemption the cost would be $106.65/year for each $100,000.  Market values are expected to rise again this spring which would cause a decrease.  

Will the average homeowner pay more than they are paying now?
No, the cost per $100,000 will be less than what the average home owner is paying now.

When can I vote?
March 10th


 More In Depth


    1. Maintain critical programs – Preschool, SRO, Athletics
    2. Maintain buildings and grounds-aging dry fire sprinkler system and rusting roof
    3. Upgrade Curriculum- science, health, social studies
    4. Maintain part time Community School Coordinator (to schedule dental, mental health appointments, support families, build school-community partnerships, acquire resources, etc.) 

    Amount of Supplemental Levy: $450,000.00 per year for two years

    Supplemental Levy Budget Estimates

    1. Preschool                                          $55,000.00      2 preschool teachers, preschool supplies
    2. District Security                               $56,000.00       40K for SRO, 10K for staff training/safety supplies
    3. Athletics/Clubs/Extracurricular     $80,000.00      Fees, uniforms, supplies, salaries, benefits, subs
    4. Activity Transportation                   $30,000.00      Student activity bus and travel to away contests
    5. Safe Buildings                                   $74,000.00      Repair dry fire sprinkler system and rusting roof to provide safe student working environment                                                                                 
    6. Grounds Maintenance                    $12,000.00      Snow and ice damage, football field, and student parking lot
    7. Alarm Monitoring and Bell             $10,000.00      Student bell system is broken and out of date system   
    8. Community School Coord.             $20,000.00      Coordinate wellness center activities to help students succeed
    9. Curriculum                                        $28,000.00      Science, social studies, health
    10. Field Trips                                        $5,000.00        Continue to extend academic programs and exposure to career and experiences outside of Idaho City
    11. STEM Program & Coding              $40,000.00      Extend our Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics programs
    12. Contingency Fund                          $40,000.00      Allows the district to continue educational programs and deal with unexpected needs of the students.

                Grand Total                             $450,000.00

      Cost to Patrons

      Levy Rates

      2016-17 (250K)

      2018-19 (425K)

      2019-2020 (425K)

      Market Value












      Plant Facilities




      Total Levy Rate





      Total Cost

      2016-17 (250K)

      2018-19 (425K)

      2019-2020 (425K)

      $100K – $50K (Exempt.)







      $100K (No Exemption)









      Note: The Plant Facilities Levy ended at the conclusion of the 2016-17 school years. Rather than running them back to back, the district chose to wait a year and combine them into one, two year Supplemental Levy for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.


      Levy Rate Comparison Between Boise County School Districts (with the possible 2020-2022 levy)







      Horseshoe Bend



      Garden Valley



      2019- 92 out of 115 school districts in Idaho currently collect levies.

      ** $106.65 is based on current market values.  The county predicts the market value to increase shortly after the levy vote which would cause the yearly amount to decrease.  There of course are no guarantees; if the market crashes after this fact sheet is printed the market value could theoretically decrease.

      How to Register

      Online voter registration (new/update):

      Idaho voter registration deadlines

      • In Person: Election Day. (You must show proof of residence to register at the polls on Election Day.)
      • By Mail: Postmarked 25 days before Election Day.
      • Online: 25 days before Election Day.

        Absentee Application for 2020 Primary (PDF copy)

      • February 28 is the last day for an application for a mail-in absentee ballot to be received by the County Clerk -not later than 5:00 p.m.  This can be done via: fax, email, mail, or in person.  The clerk’s office will then mail ballot to the address on the form.
      • FYI -In case you are sending this to a college student or other person not living at home, but still registered here to vote, have them fill out the resident address for their home address and the mailing address to wherever they are living now.
      • Clerk’s office to vote absentee and register in person at the same time; up to the Friday prior to the election.   Absentee ballots must be received in the Clerk’s office by 8:00 p.m. on election day.  

      Polling Places (open from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm)
      Election day registration is available at your polling place, bring proof of residency with you.

      1. Idaho City Precinct – Boise County Courthouse
      2. Placerville Precinct – Centerville Fire Station
      3. Mores Creek Precinct – Wilderness Ranch Fire Station