2019 – 2020 Certified Master Agreement (PDF Version)




Updated for the 2019 – 2020 School Year 

Basin School District 72 

Table of Contents 

  1. Procedural Agreement …………………………………………………………………………………………….. I-3 
  2. PARTIES AND PURPOSES ……………………………………………………………………………….. I-3 
  3. REPRESENTATION ………………………………………………………………………………………….. I-3 
  5. NEGOTIATING TEAM ……………………………………………………………………………………… I-4 
  6. NEGOTIATION SESSIONS……………………………………………………………I-4 
  7. MEDIATION……………………………………………………………………………I-5 
  8. NEGOTIABLE MATTERS……………………………………………………………..I-5 
  9. AGREEMENT ON PROPOSALS……………………………………………………….I-7 
  10. INFORMATION…………………………………………………………………………I-7 
  11. GENERAL………………………………………………………………………………I-7 
  12. LEAVES…………………………………………………………………………………I-8 
  13. ASSOCIATION AND EMPLOYEE RIGHTS………………………………………..I-15 
  14. EQUITABLE TREATMENT………………………………………………………….I-15 
  15. SALARIES AND BENEFITS………………………………………………………………….I-16 
  16. INSURANCE BENEFITS……………………………………………………………..I-17 
  17. Addenda …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. II-20 
  18. DEFINITIONS AND RECOGNITION ……………………………………………………………… II-20 

Section I-2 

Basin School District 72 


The Board and the Association recognize and declare that providing a quality education for the pupils of the District is their mutual aim and that the character of such education depends predominantly upon the quality and the morale of the District employees and that they will be involved in assisting the Board in formulating policies, schedules, budgets, curricula, credit requirements, calendars and programs designed to improve educational standards. 

  1. Procedural Agreement 
  3. This Master Agreement is made and entered into by and between the Board of Trustees of the Basin No. 72 School District of Idaho City and the Idaho City Education Association as the representative organization of the employees of said District, to establish procedures for bargaining and the specific items to be bargained between the parties pursuant to the provisions of Sections 33- 1271 – 33-1276, Idaho Code. 
  4. For the purposes of the Procedural Agreement “Day” shall be defined as one calendar day and shall include weekends, holidays, etc. 
  6. Obtaining Objectives: Negotiations depend on mutual understanding and cooperation. It therefore requires a free and open exchange of views with all parties participating in deliberations leading to policy decisions. Both parties agree to meet at reasonable times and places and to negotiate in good faith to reach agreement on matters. 
  7. Personnel: It is agreed that all certified employees of the district or those with employment agreements are represented by the Association, except Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, and other district wide administrative personnel who teach less than 35% of the day and who recommend employment of other employees. 
  9. Recognition: The Board recognizes the Association as the exclusive representative for the purpose of negotiations with the employees of the District so long as the Association has the approval of the majority of the employees of the District to represent them. The Association must inform the administration of its intent to negotiate no later than April 30. Should there be no entity that qualifies as a local education organization by May 10, the board has no obligation or authority to negotiate as required under this act, and may 

Section I-3 

Basin School District 72 

establish compensation for professional employees for the ensuing school year as it deems appropriate. 

  1. Application: Provisions of this Agreement shall apply to all certified employees of the District as defined. 
  2. Certification: Should the Board request, the Association will conduct an election by its members, by secret ballot to determine whether or not the Association has majority approval to represent the employees. A Board representative shall be allowed to observe the balloting. The Board and Association shall each appoint one representative to count the ballots and report the election results. 
  4. Team Members: The Negotiation Team shall consist of two (2) parties. The Board Party consisting of one (1) Superintendent and one (1) administration representative; and the Association Party consisting of the Association President, one (1) member elected from the high school faculty, one (1) member elected from the elementary school faculty, and one (1) alternate elected from the certified employees. 
  5. Alternate Members: The Alternate negotiators have the same rights as the members they replace. 
  6. Quorum: The presence of two (2) members of each party is necessary for a quorum at a negotiations session. 
  7. Vacancy: In the event a vacancy occurs, the Board and the Association have the right to replace members of their negotiation party and shall upon doing such notify each other of such replacements in writing. 
  8. Membership and Employment Required: The negotiators of the Association shall be certified employees of the District. 
  10. Initiating Negotiations: Written requests for negotiations may be submitted by either party. To call a meeting, the ICEA president shall contact the Superintendent. Together they will agree on a date for both parties to meet. Either party can call a meeting as long as the date is agreed to by both parties. 

Section I-4 

Basin School District 72 

  1. Negotiation Dates, Location, and Frequency: The Negotiation Team shall meet on mutually agreeable dates, time, location, and frequencies. Each negotiation session shall be no more than two (2) hours in duration and exceed this limit only after the mutual consent of the team members. 
  2. Caucus: A caucus may be called by anyone for any reason. The party which called caucus decides location and states time limit. 
  3. Adjournment: Either party may adjourn any negotiation session. 
  4. Minutes: The scribe should be responsible to keep the minutes of each negotiation session. These minutes should record the interests, options and tentative agreements made during the negotiations. The minutes should also record the committees and person responsible for various assignments, along with the scheduled times for future meetings. The District will cause the minutes to be typed and they shall be submitted to the Negotiation Teams for approval and signature by each party’s spokesperson. Each party shall be furnished one copy of the approved and executed minutes. 
  5. Meeting Chair: Meetings shall be chaired by the superintendent or his/her designee. 
  7. In the event the parties in negotiations are not able to come to an agreement upon compensation for professional employees by May 10, if agreed to by both parties, a mediator may be appointed. The issue or issues in dispute shall be submitted to mediation in an effort to induce the representatives of the board of trustees and the local education organization to resolve the conflict. The procedure for appointment of and compensation for the mediator shall be determined by both parties. Mediation is nonbinding, and the recommendation or recommendations of the mediator, if any, shall not be construed as having any force or effect. 
  9. Negotiable Matters: Negotiations are limited to salary, monetary compensation for a professional contract, and benefits, insurance, leave time and sick leave. 
  10. Ground Rules for Negotiation: 
  11. a) Periodically review the ground rules and process. 
  12. b) Sit at table in informal, mixed order (not by parties). c) Team consists of people at the table. Alternate negotiators participate only when replacing a party member. 

Section I-5 

Basin School District 72 

  1. d) Outside and/or alternate member participation at the table is subject to consensus at the table. e) Write down everything in the process: issues, parties affected, interest, options, criteria, solutions, and tentative agreement. f) Moderator will: run the meeting, control audience, determine consensus, alternate between each party’s chief negotiator. g) Scribe will: take notes and provide the charts at each meeting. 
  2. h) District office will: make copies of tentative agreement, language, and print agenda. 
  3. i) Table Etiquette: address all conversation to the group (no sidebars), one person speaks at a time, before anyone can speak twice on a subject, everyone who wants to speak must have the opportunity to do so. 
  4. j) Behavior: no put downs, verbal or body language, focus on issues rather than individuals. 
  5. k) Agreement on individual items is tentative until there is agreement on all items. 
  6. l) Consensus may be formal or informal. Formal consensus requires verbal agreement. 
  7. m) Tentative agreements: sleep on them and start the next meeting with a review of tentative agreements from previous meeting. 
  8. n) End of session: set agenda, establish future meeting date, time, site and debrief. 
  9. o) Postponement can be requested by either party. p) Develop joint progress reports and updates when appropriate. 
  10. q) Communicate to the public via joint press releases at times mutually agreed upon. 
  11. r) Hard copy of flip chart notes will be generated. s) Any agreement will consist of contract language for Master Contract and implementation language to explain intent and details of implementation. 
  12. t) Place concerns not directly related to the issue at hand in the “parking lot.” The concern will be “parked” there until the debriefing session or another appropriate time. u) All rules are subject to group modification. Additional ground rules may be added at any time. 

Section I-6 

Basin School District 72 

  1. Agreement: Once agreement is reached by the Negotiating Team on a proposal, each team member will initial and date two (2) copies of the approved draft of the proposal. One copy will be retained by each party. 
  2. Ratification: Ratification by the board of trustees shall occur at a board meeting held on or before the June Board of Trustees meeting. 
  3. Failure to Ratify: If no agreement regarding compensation has been reached by the parties on or before June 10, the board of trustees, at a meeting held no later than June 20, shall establish compensation for professional employees for the ensuing school year as it deems appropriate, provided however, that such compensation shall reflect the last best good faith offer proposed by the board during negotiations. 
  5. District Information: The Board agrees to supply information relevant to the items of the negotiations. 
  6. Association Information: The Association agrees to supply evidence to support its right to representation approved by a majority of employees of the District, and information relevant to the items of the negotiations. 
  8. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed and construed according to the Constitution and the laws of the State of Idaho. 
  9. Separability: Should any article(s) or section(s) of this Procedural Agreement be found to be in conflict with either existing law or any law enacted or decision rendered after the ratification of this Agreement, said article(s) or section(s) of the agreement which do not conflict with such laws shall remain valid and binding upon the parties and shall be interpreted without reference to the invalid sections. 
  10. Intent to Act: Nothing contained herein is intended to or shall conflict with, or abrogate the powers or duties and responsibilities vested in the legislature, State Board of Education, and the Board of Trustees of School Districts by the laws of the State of Idaho. Each School District Board of Trustees is entitled, without negotiation or reference to any negotiated agreement to take action that may be necessary to carry out its responsibility due to situations of emergency or acts of God. Nothing contained herein shall diminish the right of the Board of Trustees of the District to promulgate rules and regulation for the governance of the District as provided by Section 33- 506, Idaho Code. 
  11. LEAVES 

Section I-7 

Basin School District 72 

In the event of an emergency school closure, personnel who have arranged for sick, personal, or bereavement leave will not be charged for that leave. 

  1. Leaves With Pay: 
  2. a) Sick Leaves: 

(1) At the beginning of each school year, each employee shall be credited with sick leave allowance. Employees who work 9 months of the year receive 9 days. Employees who work 10 months receive 10 days. Employees who work 11 months receive 11 days. Employees who work 12 months receive 12 days. 

(2) Employees employed on a part time basis or for part of a school year shall receive a prorated portion of the annual sick leave. (3) The unused portion of such allowance shall accumulate from year to year to a maximum of two hundred (200) days, one hundred forty (140) of which can be used in any one year for sick leave. Upon retirement the balance of any unused sick leave will be reported to PERSI. 

(4) Sick leave is to be used for absences caused by personal illness, accident, or disabilities caused by pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth and recovery thereof which render the employee incapable of carrying on his/her duties. 

(5) Employees shall be allowed to use sick leave when such absence is due to illness of a member of the individual’s family residing in the employee’s household or the following members: spouse, mother, father, daughter, son, brothers, and sisters. 

(6) Employees who resign from the School District and are re- employed shall retain the number of days accumulated sick leave held at the time of resignation from the District provided that the sick days have not been used in another school district and said employee returns within a twelve (12) month period of resigning. (7) Sick leave may be used for absences necessary for medical or dental appointments, including routine examinations. Sick leave days may be taken as full or half days at the discretion of the employee. (8) Any employee claiming benefits of more than five (5) consecutive days from accumulated sick leave shall submit a medical report to the building administrative representative from the attending health care professional the fifth day after the first day of illness and every twenty (20) days thereafter while the illness persists. Any employee returning after sick leave of more than five (5) days must submit a written medical report. In the event such medical report is not submitted as required, no 

Section I-8 

Basin School District 72 

compensation shall be due or paid for those days in excess of the five (5) consecutive days in which the employee was absent. b) Sick Leave Bank: 

(1) The sick leave bank is created for the purpose and intent of alleviating economic hardship incurred by bank members due to involuntarily contracting an illness of a protracted or recurring nature and/or involuntarily receiving a traumatic injury caused by illness or accident requiring absences from work beyond the employee’s accumulated sick days. 

(2) Each employee of the District covered by this contract may participate in the sick leave bank. The intent to participate in the sick leave bank shall be submitted to the clerk by September 15th of each year or by the close of the second (2nd) week after being hired, if hired mid-year. To participate, each employee shall contribute two (2) days of his/her earned sick leave days. Members may continue to contribute days to the bank throughout the school year. Sick leave days thus contributed shall be deducted from the individual’s annual sick leave entitlement. (3) The contributed sick leave days shall be sorted into two sick leave banks: one for certified employees; one for classified employees. If, at the beginning of a school year, either sick leave bank contains less than 50 days, members shall contribute at least one (1) day to remain an eligible sick leave bank participant. 

(4) In order for an employee to be eligible to apply for sick leave benefits from the sick leave bank, the employee must first (1) be a contributor to the bank and second (2) have been absent from work due to illness or accident for all of his/her accumulated sick leave days and personal days. (5) The bank shall not be used for days absent from work beyond accumulated sick leave when a voluntary action or decision on the part of the employee was the cause of the absence. If disability is covered by Worker’s Compensation, the employee shall not be eligible to utilize the sick leave bank. 

(6) Application for use of the bank shall be submitted to the sick leave bank committee for their recommendation. In order to apply for days from the sick leave bank, the employee shall obtain a form from the district clerk. The committee shall review the request and determine the eligibility of the employee and the merit of the request. If the committee deems necessary, it shall require proof of illness at the time of application and from time to time after a grant of sick days has been made. 

Section I-9 

Basin School District 72 

(7) The sick leave bank policies shall generally be consistent with the sick leave policies with the exception that sick leave bank days granted shall be granted in full day increments only. 

(8) The committee shall make decisions by a majority vote. After complete review of the application, the committee shall have authority to make final decisions within these guidelines as to the disposition of the case. 

(9) Sick leave bank grants to individual employees will not be carried over from one fiscal year to another and all such grants will end at the termination of the fiscal year. If an employee does not use all of the days granted by the bank, the unused sick leave days will be returned to the bank. (10) The sick leave bank committee shall consist of the high school building representative, the elementary building representative, the ICEA president and the superintendent for the District. When a request for sick leave bank days is made by a sick leave bank member, the two certified members, the ICEA president and the superintendent shall meet to hear and decide the case. 

  1. c) Sick Leave Bank Restrictions 

(1) The maximum number of days that can be granted to a member in any one fiscal year will be limited to no more than one half of the accumulated number of days in the sick leave bank. In no case will the granting of leave cause an employee to receive more than his annual salary for that year. The number of sick leave days granted shall not exceed the number of days absent from work due to illness or accident. 

(2) During the employee’s first year as a member of the sick leave bank, the committee may grant up to a maximum of ten (10) sick leave days from the bank. Pre-existing conditions may not be covered. 

(3) During an employee’s second year as a member of the sick leave bank, the committee may grant up to a maximum of twenty (20) sick leave days from the bank. (4) During an employee’s third year as a member of the sick leave bank, the committee may grant up to a maximum of forty (40) sick leave days from the bank. 

(5) During an employee’s fourth year and beyond as a member of the sick leave bank, the committee may grant up to a maximum of sixty (60) sick leave days per fiscal year from the bank. 

Section I-10 

Basin School District 72 

(6) The employee shall be entitled to no sick leave bank days for the fiscal year immediately following the fiscal year during which the employee was granted the sixty (60) days. 

(7) Sick leave bank days shall not be used for regular maternity leave. The employee may apply to the sick leave bank committee if there are extenuating medical circumstances as documented by the employee’s physician. 

  1. d) Personal Leave 

(1) Personal leave shall be granted for any reason deemed necessary by the employee at the rate of three (3) days per year. Advance notice of seven (7) days will be given when possible using the District provided form. Personal days may be taken as full or half days at the discretion of the employee. Personal days cannot be used to extend Thanksgiving break, Christmas break or spring break. Requests for use of more than three (3) consecutive personal days must be submitted to the building administrator ninety (90) days prior to the requested leave. Permission for the use of more than three (3) consecutive personal days is at the discretion of the building administrator. Factors to be considered include: time of year, academic calendar, student needs and budget constraints. 

(2) Up to ten (10) days of personal leave can be accumulated provided they employee has worked a minimum of three consecutive years for the district. This provision took effect with the roll over from the 2013-2014 school year to the 2014-2015 (historical reference) school year. All other excess personal days will be rolled into sick days. 

(3) Employees who use fewer than five (5) sick days during one school year will receive one (1) additional personal day for the following year. (4) Within a single school year, employees may trade two (2) sick days for one (1) personal day with a maximum of four (4) sick days for two (2) personal days with the following conditions: 

  1. All other personal days have been used; b. Personal days acquired through a trade cannot be rolled 

over to the next year; c. Said employee is prohibited from acquiring an additional 

personal day even if he/she has taken fewer than five (5) sick days; d. Said employee is prohibited from using the sick leave bank until he/she has taken nine (9) unpaid sick days. Upon approval, said employee may be able to utilize the 

Section I-11 

Basin School District 72 

sick leave bank beginning on day ten (10) of his/her sick leave. 

Maternity Leave 

An employee who is pregnant may continue in active employment as late into her pregnancy as she desires provided she is able to properly perform her required functions. An employee may use his/her available sick leave, before or after delivery of his/her child for absences caused by illness or physical disability. Said employee shall notify the School Board in writing of his/her desire to take such leave, and except in the case of emergency shall give notice at leave thirty (30) days prior to the date on which his/her leave is to begin. Use of sick leave is contingent upon the employee returning to duty after recovery from illness or disability. In the case of an extended maternity leave by a continuing employee who submitted a letter of intent by time required (May 1) lasting past the fiscal year, said employee shall be assigned to the same position he/she held prior to the leave. 

  1. e) Civic Duty Leave 

Civic Duty leave shall apply to court-required appearances for that portion of the day that attendance is required. Leave with pay will be granted for a jury summons or a witness subpoena. Any remuneration received from carrying out civic duty will be returned to the District. f) Bereavement leave 

Bereavement leave may be used for any relative residing in the employee’s household or the following family members: spouse, mother, father, daughter, son, brothers, sisters, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister- in-law, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, cousins, grandparents, grandparents-in-law and grandchildren or under extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the superintendent. Bereavement leave with pay is available for up to five (5) days per year. Extensions may be granted by the School Board in extenuating circumstances. 

(1) Bereavement leave is non-accumulative. 

  1. g) Professional Leave 

(1) Leaves of absence with pay and with or without reimbursement of certain expense may be granted to employees for the purpose of attending professional meetings. 

(2) Categories of professional leave which are permitted without salary deductions are as follows: 

Section I-12 

Basin School District 72 

(a) Necessary expenses paid by the District including mileage as specified in the current Federal Per Diem Rate for Idaho. This category applies to employees authorized by the Principal to represent the District at educational conferences. 

(b) Necessary expenses paid by the educator or outside agency. This category applies to employees authorized by the Principal to represent the District in cooperation with outside agencies at educational conferences. 

  1. h) Sabbatical Leave 

(1) Employees who have been employed by the District for a period of seven (7) consecutive years immediately prior to the year in which the sabbatical leave is to commence and who have not previously been granted a sabbatical leave, will be eligible to apply for a sabbatical leave for either one-half year (one semester) or one full year (two consecutive semesters). Sabbatical leave may not exceed a period of one year. (2) The Board may authorize sabbatical leaves of absence when it deems such leaves or absence to be reasonable and for good cause and not detrimental to education within the system. Sabbatical leaves may be granted only for the purpose of allowing an employee to continue education and advancement. 

(3) Applications for sabbatical leaves for the first semester only or for a full year beginning with the first semester, must be submitted to the School Board prior to February first of the previous school year. Applicants for sabbatical leave for the second semester only or for a full year beginning with the second semester shall submit their application to the School Board by October first of that school year. (4) The School Board shall, within thirty (30) days following the deadline for the receipt of such applications, screen all such applications and make a decision. If the decision is for approval it shall include the length of leave (not in excess of two (2) consecutive semesters) and the salary to be paid not to exceed the full amount the employee would receive were he/she not on sabbatical leave. 

(5) Employees shall include with their application for sabbatical leave a recommendation from the appropriate principal and a plan of study which includes the details either for study in an approved college or university, or a problem or project for research or writing to be pursued independently by the applicant. This plan 

Section I-13 

Basin School District 72 

shall be approved by the school board and the superintendent before the sabbatical leave can be granted. If the employee finds it necessary to change his/her plans, he/she shall so notify the school board and receive approval before any changes shall be authorized. 

(6) Among other qualifications of the applicant, the following may be considered: Successful service during the previous seven (7) years, contributions to the teaching profession, the extent of the applicant’s study, travel, and research. 

(7) An employee on paid sabbatical leave shall not engage in full- time employment or in study for another trade or profession during his/her leave unless the employment is accepted by the School Board as a necessary part of the plan of study. 

(8) A leave may be granted upon condition that the employee shall return not later than one (1) year after the commencement of the leave for renewal of employment. (9) Within ninety (90) days after the employee returns to full time duty from sabbatical leave, he/she shall submit a comprehensive written report dealing with the educational aspects of his/her study to the school board. This report shall include transcripts of all college or university study while on leave, and other items of information pertinent to an evaluation of his/her program. (10) The School Board and the employee may agree on ways in which the report may be used to further the instructional program within the District. As his/her time permits, the employee may be requested to participate in school and community activities, if his/her studies during his/her sabbatical leave are relevant. 

(11) Following completion of sabbatical leave, the employee agrees to remain with the District no less than two (2) years following completion of the sabbatical leave. If the employee leaves prior to this period, the employee agrees to repay to the District the amount paid to him/her during the sabbatical leave within ninety (90) days. Should this amount not be repaid within this time period, the Board may direct the District’s attorney to institute action against such person to collect the amount in question, and the employee must pay all costs of such action including attorney fees. 

  1. Leaves Without Pay: Certified employees may request leave without pay from the school board. Upon return from such leave, the employee will be guaranteed an equivalent position to the position held prior to the commencement of the leave. All right of tenure, retirement, accrued sick leave, salary increments and other benefits provided herein shall be preserved, but not accrued during the leave, and will be available to the employee upon 

Section I-14 

Basin School District 72 

his/her return to the District. If the employee desires to maintain health benefit programs during the unpaid leave the employee must pay the premium. 

The following two categories comprise Leave Without Pay: 

Section I-15 

Basin School District 72 

  1. a) Leave of Absence 

Continuing employees may be granted leaves of absence without pay for up to one year. Under extenuating circumstances an employee may apply for an additional year of extended leave. Employees should apply for leave before April 15 of the year preceding leave. In the case of medical emergency or family illness, the deadline may be waived. A limit of two (2) employees may apply for extended leave per calendar year. Employees granted extended leaves will inform the District, in writing, of their intent to return to work for the following school year on or before the preceding April 15. Failure to do so will result in employee’s termination of all rights granted under this agreement. 

  1. b) Medical Leave An employee will be granted up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave as provided by the Family Leave Act. The employee shall notify the School Board in writing of his/her desire to take such leave, and except in the case of emergency shall give notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the date on which the leave is to begin. 
  3. Building Use: The Association may use District school buildings for meetings and to transact official business on school property at all reasonable times as long as the meeting shall not interfere with, nor interrupt, normal school operations, or other community use. 
  4. Dues: The Board agrees to allow for deduction from salary for payment of dues to IEA and NEA for the employee. 
  5. Representation: Employees shall have the right to representation by an ICEA representative and/or a representative of his/her choice. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that his/her representative is present at a scheduled meeting. Absence of the representative shall not affect the scheduling or the holding of the meeting. 
  7. The Provisions of this Agreement shall be applied without discrimination. 
  8. The Association agrees that the membership in the Association shall not be denied to any employee because of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, or marital status. 
  9. The Board agrees that it will not discriminate against employees because of their membership in employee organizations. 

Section I-16 

Basin School District 72 

  1. Personnel Contracts: 
  2. a) Employee shall be given notice, in writing whether he/she will not be reemployed for the ensuing year, before April 15. 
  3. b) Each non-continuing employee shall be given notice, in writing whether he/she will be re-employed for the ensuing year, before April 15. Teachers in turn, will sign these letters of intent and return them to the District no later than May 1. 
  4. c) Each teacher to be employed by the Board shall be issued a personnel contract agreement which shall be in conformity with Idaho Code 33-515. d) The basic contract year for full time employees for the 2019-2020 school year shall be one hundred eighty-four (185) instructional, inservice and parent/teacher conference days, and five (5) paid holidays (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Memorial Day). 
  5. The District Office shall be responsible for making sure that each employee is issued a copy of the current Master Agreement. 
  6. Salary Guides: 
  7. a) The base salary shall be $38,500.00 for the 2019-2020 school year. 
  8. b) If specifically requested in writing by an employee, and agreed to by the superintendent, said employee may be paid an amount less than he/she would be based on his/her placement on the career ladder. Under such circumstances, the employee may establish the amount and the duration of the agreement. Said amount will be divided by the number of months in the agreement with each payment being dispersed once a month as part of the regular payroll. At the end of the agreement, the employee will commence being paid according to his/her placement on the salary schedule with no additional remuneration due. c) Recognition for Additional Preparation: 

(1) All State Board approved credits earned after the conferring of the Bachelor Degree will be accepted as additional professional preparation for initial placement and/or to advance on the salary schedule. 

(2) District approved in-service program credits will be accepted for advancement on the salary schedule, if approved by the School Board or Superintendent. (3) Credit for other educational activity will be accepted for advancement on the salary schedule upon prior approval by the Superintendent or School Board. 

Section I-17 

Basin School District 72 

(4) Documentation of additional professional preparation, if sufficient to advance the teacher’s preparation status, shall be submitted to the District Clerk. This documentation may be in the form of an official transcript, course grade slips or an advisor’s letter. Salary adjustment for additional credits earned may be made in May to include summer courses pending documentation by the second Wednesday of September each year. 

Section I-18 

Basin School District 72 

  1. Payroll Deductions: Payroll deduction will be provided for salary insurance payments under the agreed upon program sponsored by the District. 
  2. Payments and Deductions of Salaries: 
  3. a) Pay days for staff members shall be once per month. b) In the event an employee serves less than the full contract year, the amount due shall be computed by crediting the employee with a pro- rata of the annual salary for each day contracted (including days absent on authorized leave with pay) and by subtracting any amounts previously paid. 
  4. c) Deduction of salary for employee absences not covered by leave with pay is computed at a pro-rata of the annual salary for each day’s absence. This is determined by dividing the contracted salary by the number of days agreed to in the employee’s personnel contract. 
  5. Salary Advancement: Employees who have worked full-time in the District for a period of time equivalent to three-quarters (3/4) or more as designated in the official school calendar shall be advanced one (1) step on the career ladder for the following year. 
  6. Insurance Benefits: 
  7. Health, Dental and Vision Insurance: The Board shall pay the premium cost of each employee for complete health care protection (hospital-surgical- major medical insurance) for a full twelve-month period. Dental and vision insurance will be optional and paid for by the employee. Employees must individually notify the District Business Manager of their decision regarding dental and vision options prior to the beginning of the program year, and their decisions will remain in effect for the entire twelve-month period. The employee will also pay the premium for other insured family members. The Board and the Association shall agree upon the specifications and carrier of the policy. 
  8. Life Insurance: The Board shall pay the full premium cost of each employee an amount of group life insurance (including accidental death and dismemberment) protection to $25,000.00. 

Section I-19 

Basin School District 72 

  2. Definitions and Recognition 
  3. Academic Credit – any credit earned in or through a college or university 
  4. Amend or Amendments – a change, correction, or revision in the term of this contract 
  5. Association – the Idaho City Education Association (ICEA) 
  6. Board – the Board of Trustees of Basin School District No. 72 
  7. Certified Employee – any certificated personnel for which the Association is the 

exclusive representative for purposes of negotiations as defined in Article I, exclusive of supervisory personnel. 

  1. Day – any day, an employee is assigned to work, unless otherwise specifically defined 
  2. District – Basin No. 72 
  3. Emergency – any situation that may or may not have been prepared for in advance and 

which required immediate attention. 

  1. Employee – district personnel covered by this agreement. 
  2. Fiscal School Year – July 1 to June 30 of every year. 
  3. Negotiation Agreement – this agreement is between the Board of Trustees of School District No. 72, Idaho City, Idaho (hereinafter “Board”) and the Idaho City Education Association (hereinafter “Association”) to establish procedures for bargaining and the specific items to be bargained between the parties pursuant to the provision of sections 33-1271 & 33-1276, Idaho Code. 
  4. Partial Year – employees who have worked full-time in the District for a period of time 

equivalent to three-quarters (3/4) or more as designated in the official school calendar shall be advanced one (1) step on the salary schedule for the following year. 

  1. Principal – Elementary or Secondary – instructional leader and administrative head of the respective buildings. Is responsible for implementing and enforcing rules and regulations adopted by the Board and for carrying out directions of the Superintendent. 
  2. School – Basin Elementary, Idaho City MS and/ or HS 
  3. School year – the school year as defined by the official school calendar 
  4. Superintendent – the executive officer of Basin School District shall have, under the 

direction of the Board, general supervision of the school and of all the school district personnel. The Superintendent is responsible for the management of the school under the Board’s policies and is accountable to the Board. 

Section II-20