Project Bid

The Basin School District is looking for bids for an HVAC UV air scrubber system to combat the COVID-1 virus. 

 The district is looking at 25 UV scrubber systems that include the following minimum specifications:

 Electrical – Input voltage: 24 Volts;1 amp; 50/60 Hz; Current: 17 Watts
Mechanical – Distribution via air handler
Operating Temperature 34 deg F – 200 deg F
Coverage – 2,000 sq ft to 3,000 sq ft
5 year warranty

 Two UV air scrubbing systems that would work with a small and large gym from 4,000 and 8,000 sq ft.
Seven mini split style HVAC systems for four mobile classrooms with UV air scrubbers installed.  Specifications must meet the same as 25UV Scrubber systems above.
Science lab/Prime Time Room, Special Education Resource Room, Room 9 and 10, 5th and 6th grade rooms.


Please send bids to  Include installation and all predicted costs and timeline for installation.