COVID19 Update

3/25/20 – Update
Governor Brad Little orders the non-essential people  of Idaho to shelter in place for 21 days.  The Basin School District employees are considered essential and will continue to provide online education to PreK-12 students.  Some staff will work from home and others will maintain the district buildings.  The school district, including the playgrounds, are closed to all students with the exception of special circumstances set up with our pupil services and special education.

3/23/20 – Update

The Idaho State Board of Education has implemented a state-wide school closure until Monday, April 20th. During the closure students are not permitted at schools. The State Board will reassess the timeline as circumstances dictate.

In the meantime the Basin School District staff worked all week last week to develop and transfer curriculum into an online format. The district will implement online courses and in some cases take home packets for grades PreK-12. Parents and guardians should expect to monitor student progress and help facilitate learning as much as possible. This approach will only be successful if we all pitch in and help. Teachers will deliver the best possible online curriculum to engage each student.

The federal and state government is waiving several restrictions. As the district receives information we will communicate with parents and guardians as soon as possible. The district is working on food service, technology needs, and transportation issues. We hope to have solutions in place before March 30th.

Thank you for your patience, especially through the first week when we know there will be lots of technology issues to solve. Check our website and email frequently. Elementary and Middle and High School principals will be sending out information this week on how to navigate the online classrooms.

Make sure you are following the CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus so we can return as fast as possible to a normal classroom environment.

3/19/20 – Update

As of yesterday evening approximately 95% of schools are closed in Idaho.  Superintendent Ybarra said that the rumor that some schools will be closed for the remainder of the year and not provide an education in one form or another was false.  All districts and staff will have to provide an education to K-12 students in Idaho at this point.  The Basin School District is lucky to have invested in one to one computers this year as well as receiving computer donations from the Idaho Department of Transportation and the College of Idaho.  For the past three days our staff has been working hard to develop curriculum and make ready for online courses by March 30th.  All support staff has been cleaning and supporting teachers in making calls and putting together instruction packets and technology.

3/18/20 – Update

If you haven’t heard the Basin School District closed school Monday, March 16 and students won’t return to classes until Monday, March 30 due to safety concerns related to COVID19.  The district had planned to try to hold school on campus Monday but new information over the weekend forced the district to close on short notice.  It is the district’s utmost priority to keep the students, parents, staff, and community safe.

Teachers are working hard this week to develop and test out online curriculum in the event an extended school closure is recommended on Monday, March 30, and the district has to offer online classes and or paper packets for those students who do not have access to the Internet.  During this time period the district will loan students Chromebooks.  The district is working on solutions for those without Internet access.  If the district goes to an online format teachers will present lessons using Google Classroom on a daily basis Monday through Friday which includes interactive components.  Staff will also check up on students frequently via email, phone, and Google Hangouts. 

The district is working on a plan to deliver free and reduced lunch sacks to those students who qualify if the district goes to an online format. 

Elementary– The district will provide Chromebook computers to all students in grade 3rd – 6th.  All 3rd through 6th grade students may pick up a computer and other materials at Basin Elementary School on Thursday, March 19th, from 10:30 am – 5 pm in preparation for online classes.  For those students and parents who cannot make it to the school on Thursday the district will send out a notification with directions for alternative pickup/delivery of technology and supplies.

Middle/High School– The district is in the process of contacting students to determine technology needs.  Those students who qualify will be provide the appropriate technology and or materials.

The Basin School District is committed to serving the students and helping the community in any way we can.  It is important that we take the COVID19 virus serious and prevent it from spreading among our community members with compromised immune systems.  District staff is working hard on disinfecting all school facilities and will wash their hands and take preventative measures when delivering food and technology to the students. 

Keep in mind that this community is amazing and we take care of each other, we will get through this and our community will be stronger for it.

3/15/20 – 7 pm Update

Dear Basin School District Parents and Guardians,

The Basin School District will be closed this week from Monday, March 16 through Thursday, March 19th due to several variables relating to the COVID19 virus.  It is our utmost priority to keep the students, staff, and community safe.  Spring break starts on Friday, March 20th and ends on Sunday, March 29th.  The district will monitor the CDC, State Department of Education, and the Governor’s COVID19 task force to determine whether students will return to campus on Monday, March 30th or take their courses online or through homework packets.  Students will have one extra week of spring break; they will not be logging in or receiving homework packets until Monday, March 30th.  Staff members will be developing and converting their curriculum to online this week.  Parents are welcomed to retrieve any medication, or personal items left at school until Thursday, March 19th

If you haven’t checked your email please complete the accessibility and free lunch survey in your email or you may click on the COVID19 navigation on our website and fill out the form from the update page.  The district is working out the logistics of providing free and reduced lunch to those eligible students and students who require technology such as Chromebooks.  Check our website at frequently for updates.  The district will be sending out information on how to log in and how to access the online classes.

MS/HS Track-Practices and competitions are postponed until after March 29th. We will reassess situation at that time. 

3/13/20 Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The health and safety of our students, staff, and patrons in our community are of utmost importance.  The district is monitoring the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) closely.  Information, preparedness, and response strategies have changed throughout the month, week, and in some cases hours. 

The district will continue to monitor the situation and recommendations of the CDC, Governor, Central District Health, the Idaho State Department of Education, and local news stations.  As of March 13th, school will be open next week from Monday, March 16 to Thursday, March 19th and as scheduled begin spring break Friday, March 20th.  Sporting events and practice will continue as planned.  In the event the district receives new information regarding health and safety the district plans may change.

In the event the district decides to close school for any extended amount of time, our staff is developing plans to teach classes online and or provide homework packets to take home.  The district is also working on plans to provide food in the form of individually packed portions. 

It is important to make sure your contact information is correct; otherwise the district will not be able to communicate or provide services.  If your contact information has changed since August please make sure the office has your changes.

For information on coronavirus in Idaho, visit

In the meantime, guidance from the CDC on avoiding the spread of any virus includes:
1. Stay home if you feel ill, have a fever, or have been exposed to someone who is ill
2. Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water
          Use a 60% or higher hand sanitizer if handwashing is not an option
3. Practice good hygiene when sneezing or coughing
4. Keep your hands away from your face or mouth
5. Practice social distancing when possible

The district is taking precautionary actions throughout the district.  Click here for a list of precautionary measures being conducted by staff at the Basin School District to prevent the spread of possible flu and COVID19.

The district understands parent concerns.  If you choose to keep your child home or not participate in sports practice while school is in session your child will not be penalized.  Homework will continue to be provided for students who are not attending school. 

Spring break begins next Friday, March 20.  The district urges staff and families to consider responsible travel if a vacation is planned or family and or friends are visiting from known virus outbreak areas. 

Please call the district office, 208-392-4183, or check the district website for updates at



Brian Hunicke
Basin School District