Basin School District School Board Trustees




Name Location Zone Term Election Year Contact Information
Brandee Kline Idaho City, ID 83631  1 2017-2021

Brent Adamson (Vice Chairman)
Tristan Chesire
Idaho City, ID 83631 2 2017-2021



MaryEllen McMurtrie Idaho City, Idaho 83631 3 2019-2023 2023
Theresa Pledge (Treasurer) Boise, ID 83716 4 2019-2023 2023
Ken Gordon (Chairman)  Boise, ID 83716 5 2019-2023 2023


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Idaho Statute Section 33-513 (Education – District Trustee)

Election Calendar

School Board Agenda and Minutes


Our School Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Idaho City High School library, at 5:00 p.m normally. During the COVID-19 pandemic one or more trustee and an administrator will meet at the high school library to provide a meeting place for anyone who would like to attend the meeting.  The meeting may or may not include all of the trustees on site, they may attend the meeting virtually.   Contact the superintendent Brian Hunicke at bhunicke @ to request an invite to the virtual meetings. If you would like to be heard by the board, you may get on the meeting agenda by contacting the administration office or including your request in an email five days prior to the board meeting.


The phone numbers for the Idaho City High School are: 392-4183 / 392-9948